Elon Musk could be the dad of Amber Heard’s organic girlElon Musk could be the dad of Amber Heard's organic girl

The preliminary between entertainers Johnny Depp and Amber Heard faces its last weeks and the jury is as of now assessing the vast majority of the proof introduced, as well as the assertions of witnesses who have showed up in court.

Kate Moss was one of the last big names to show up in the prosecution. Johnny Depp’s ex-accomplice affirmed that she was not tossed down the steps by the translator, denying Amber Heard’s words.

Additionally, on account of the eminent entertainer, the names around her individual follow consistently. One of them is the innovation financier Elon Musk, with whom she had a relationship subsequent to isolating from the star of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Furthermore, when it was accepted that main the victor of a fight in court where $100,000,000 is in question, professed to repay what Amber qualifies as misuse and harms brought about by Johnny, presently a new and dubious reality emerges that the media won’t feel worn out on following until they know reality, who is the dad of the youngster that was gestated in the belly of the entertainer.

It is said that the connection between Amber Heard and Elon Musk might have surpassed the nostalgic part since the South African virtuoso could be the forebear of her girl.

Questions about paternity

Heard would have considered Oonagh Paige through surrogacy in 2021.

This training is done before laying out a concurrence with someone else or couple to become pregnant, and when the child is conceived, it turns into the offspring of the two of them without expecting the conventional job of raising it together.

The main sureness is that over and over the translator has distributed photos on interpersonal organizations playing with her little girl.

In such manner, the author Jessica Reed Klaus said that “nearby unknown sources” demonstrate that Elon Musk gave the sperm so that Heard could consider her girl and hence is the natural dad of the young lady.

For the occasion, the proprietor of Tesla and SpaceX has not affirmed in that frame of mind among Heard and Johnny Depp and isn’t supposed to do as such.