rich paul and adele

Adele’s sweetheart Rich Paul has got children on the mind!

The games specialist, 40, became a dad quite early in life and presently is the pleased father to a grown-up girl.

He indicated the chance of extending his family as he examined having “more children” and being “a more established father” during another meeting.

“As a young dad, growing a business, it was pretty tough,” he told E! News. “But now looking as an older dad and my kids being much older, and obviously, if I was to have more kids … I’m looking forward to being a different dad, a more patient dad.”

“Oftentimes as you’re building a business, you’re on the go, you’re moving around, the kids grow up fast in a blink of an eye. Next thing, you know, they’re walking and they’re riding the bike, running and flipping around and that’s the problem,” Paul added.

Adele is likewise mother to 9½-year-old Angelo James, whom she imparts to ex Simon Konecki.

The 30 craftsman ignited commitment bits of hearsay with Paul in February as she brandished what had all the earmarks of being a precious stone ring at the BRIT Awards. She’s since played it shy when gotten some information about their potential marriage plans.

“As if I would ever tell anyone if I was or wasn’t. It’s lovely though, isn’t it?” Adele said of her ring on The Graham Norton Show in February after the anchor person called attention to the adornments.

Adele started dating Paul early last year, disclosing their most memorable appearance together at the NBA Finals game between the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks in Arizona. A source later told PEOPLE the couple had been dating for “a couple of months.”

Different sources told PEOPLE last month that the pair are as yet dating, notwithstanding late bits of hearsay that their relationship was on the rocks.

“Adele is still seeing Rich. They are both very busy though,” one insider said. “She is working on her residency and Rich is busy with his clients. They see each other when they can.”