Bam Margera

Experts in Florida are searching for Bam Margera after he escaped a recovery office on Monday, as per a police report from the Delray Beach Police Department got by CBS News.

On Monday, the director of a recovery office called police in light of the fact that Margera left, despite the fact that he was at the office under a court request and he was not approved to leave. The director told police Margera said he was unsatisfied with the office’s treatment and that he planned to register himself with an alternate one.

The previous MTV “Ass” star, whose genuine name is Brandon Cole Margera, left in a dark Honda car, the director said.

He was brought into the office recently under the court requested Marchman Act, which gives crisis help and transitory detainment for people requiring substance misuse assessment and treatment in the province of Florida, the supervisor told police.

Bam Margera didn’t seem to hurt himself or others, yet the staff was worried that he left the office while under the court request. The chief of the office couldn’t give additional data on Margera’s whereabouts, and police couldn’t track down him.

On Tuesday, Bam Margera posted a photograph of himself and another man, who he professed to be his new liquor unknown supporter.

Bam Margera, who was an expert skateboarder, frequently posts recordings of his skating and his family on Instagram. In May, he posted that he finished a time of treatment in Florida. Recently, he posted that he broke his wrist while skating.

Delray Beach is a seaside city situated in southeast Florida, only north of Boca Raton.