Cardi B

Cardi B took to Twitter on Wednesday  to answer a Twitter string tending to Lizzo’s new lyric controversy.

A Twitter user named @FeministaJones expounded on the “Bodak Yellow” rapper’s capacity to involve a hostile word in a tune without reaction, while Lizzo changed her “Grrrls” verses subsequent to getting analysis for utilizing an ableist slur in the initial section.

“Cardi B is slim and light-skinned,” the Twitter client composed “Cardi B will often ‘get away’ with more than other women, especially those who look like Lizzo, will. That’s the world we live in. People may get mad but I don’t care lol Colorism and fatphobia shape SO MANY reactions and extensions of ‘grace.’”

Accordingly, Cardi B expressed, “Ya will do mental gymnastics to include me in anything that people are getting dragged for …People have called me out for plenty of sh–.”

Cardi B

Cardi B finished up with her interpretation of the Lizzo circumstance. “Yall do it every week SOMETHINGS I apologize for & some things I will tell y’all TO SUCK D*** & personally If I was Lizzo I would of said SMD”