Olivia Rodrigo Glastonbury Festival

Olivia Rodrigo utilized her set at England’s Glastonbury Festival to slam the U.S. High Court’s decision to upset Roe v. Swim on Friday, in similar terms as Phoebe Bridgers did at the celebration daily prior.

“I’m devastated and terrified. So many women and so many girls are going to die because of this,” she said. “I wanted to dedicate this next song to the five members of the Supreme Court who have showed us that at the end of the day, they truly don’t give a shit about freedom. The song is for the justices: Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh. We hate you! We hate you.”

She then, brought out British vocalist Lily Allen and together, they sing the song named ‘F— You’.

“This is actually my first Glastonbury and I’m sharing this stage with Lily, this is the biggest dream come true ever,” Rodrigo admitted. “But I’m also equally as heartbroken about what happened in America yesterday,” Rodrigo said.

Phoebe Bridgers, who has been fighting for abortion rights since news of Roe v. Wade’s impending overturn by the Supreme Court was first leaked earlier this year, made no bones about her feelings during her set at the Glastonbury festival in England on Friday.

“In all honesty, [the festival is] like super surreal and fun, but I’m having like the shittiest day,” she told the audience. “Are there any Americans here? What wants to say ‘Fuck the Supreme Court’ on three?,” she shouted before leading a chant of “Fuck the Supreme Court!” She ended the performance by saying : “Fuck that shit. Fuck America. Like, fuck you. All these irrelevant old motherfuckers trying to tell us what to do with our fucking bodies.”

During her featuring set on Friday, Billie Eilish said, “Today is a really, really dark day for women in the US. I’m just going to say that as I cannot bear to think about it any longer in this moment.”