I discovered then that there is still hope

It all started when I discovered that the library’s network administrator had restricted my internet access to some of my favorite websites. I tried to access them again at various campus locations but was unsuccessful because I cannot afford a 3G modem. When I looked at what my friends were doing, I quickly realized that only certain websites were blocked, despite my initial belief that there was a disruption to the network at the time. And to my horror, my favorite social networking sites are blocked! Without them, how on earth do you keep up with all of your friends around the world?

I discovered then that there is still hope. I was informed by some of my IT-savvy friends that we can use proxy websites to access websites that are officially blocked. “Proxy??” was the first thought that came to mind. What’s going on there?” I immediately began conducting unofficial research to learn more about what they are discussing. I gathered the following information. Despite its briefness, it can provide me with some insight.